As they grow increasingly in popularity, LED lights are being found in more and more devices and one of these are cars. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs), as the name suggests, are designed to be used off road, and one of the most important factors in driving off road is seeing every part of the road in front of you, especially at night. That’s where LED lights come in, with their phenomenal level of quality, they are sure to make every inch of the road ahead visible.


LED lights in SUVs have been growing in popularity thanks to the increased brightness and performance, their ability to last longer than regular light bulbs, and the price, which works out to be cheaper. Because there are less moving parts in an LED light bulb, there is less of a chance of the lights breaking due to vibrations from driving. They are much more durable than regular light bulbs, and thus a far superior choice for off road vehicles.


Over the years though, SUV have grown increasingly in popularity in more suburban environments, with many makers designing SUVs specifically for use in cities, such as Cadillac. Previously, Cadillac has steered away from using LED lights in their cars because they were not as bright as regular light bulbs, but thanks to advances in the technology, they have now replaced all the lights in newer models with LED lights. Of course, those with older model SUVs can also enjoy the benefits of LED lights in their cars, with numerous companies offering ready made kits that take little effort to install.


With the urbanization of SUVs came new ways of using LED lights. Many people will use LED lights inside their vehicle to give it a unique look and feel. This can include lights inside for lighting the vehicle, as well as lights on the dashboard. What has also caught on in recent years is the synchronization of lights and music in a car, giving the effect of a disco. This is very popular among young car and music enthusiasts.

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